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Tips for Choosing Campgrounds

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Choosing a campground might seem like a minor thing, but believe me when I say that the places we’ve stayed have had a vast impact on our daily lifestyle and overall quality of life. It’s for those reasons that I advise you to think carefully about where you want to stay, and do your due diligence when it comes to research.

Look at Google Maps Reviews

Using any search engine will suffice for this, however I’ve found that google maps tends to be fairly consistent whenever we’re looking for red flags for campgrounds. Sometimes campgrounds can have unforeseen issues, whether that be bad campsites, a lackluster environment, or poor management. There can be all sorts of quirks a campground may have that won’t get mentioned on the website or revealed with just a few pictures, and while most of these might not be deal breakers, it still nice to be set with the proper expectations. Check out this page for some helpful Google Maps tips.

Is It For The Long Term or For The Short Term?

Not all campgrounds are suitable for your needs, and even the most amazing ones can leave you feeling disappointed if it doesn’t meet your expectations. I find that one of the biggest questions RVers need to ask themselves when choosing a campground is: how long do they plan on staying?

There are some campgrounds that are absolutely stunning and relatively affordable, but they may not be very comfortable and as such might not benefit you as a long term campground. Conversely, there are many urban campgrounds that might disappoint you if you’re looking for peace and quiet. In the end it’s a game of give and take, and you can’t expect to have the best of everything when it comes to choosing campgrounds. 

If you are unsure which is better for you, check out this blog post about what pace you should travel at.

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Is The Priority Adventure or Functionality?

Another question that needs to be addressed when you’re choosing a destination, is what are you prioritizing? Specifically, is the most important thing convenience, or is it excitement? Trying to have an even split between the two is a sure fire way to get yourself neither.

Showers & Laundromats

How important are shower and bathroom amenities to you? Depending on your situation, this could either be frivolous, or, if you’re stuck in a small awkward RV with no sewer hook ups, it could be a big deal. If the latter is the case for you, ask yourself how much you care about having nice, hot showers to use. I know that for me, a hot shower can turn a whole day around. Laundry will be a similar case, in that you either already have it covered (whether with a mini washer/dryer combo or with a nearby laundromat) or you desperately need the convenience of a laundromat within your campground. Check out our page on RV showers and washing clothes to learn more.

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Bonus Campground Amenities

Mini-golfing, pools (indoor and outdoor), food courts, trails, camp stores, and playgrounds are all aspects of a campground to consider, and while for most people these things won’t matter, it’s important that you ask yourself IF any of these things matter to you.

A good campground can make or break an RV experience, and as such, it’s important to find clarity on what your needs are, so that you can find the right place for you and your loved ones to stay.

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