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Stationary vs Fast Paced Vs Slow (RV Travel)

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RV living can have a huge amount of variety to it, and one of the biggest factors in this equation is the speed at which you choose to move around in your adorable home on wheels. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find what pace of travel is best for you.

How Fast Do You Adapt?

Consider how quickly you can adapt to new surroundings and new situations. In previous roadtrips, have you been the kind of person that relaxes in a hammock most of the day, or did you crave constant exploration? 

How Fast Do You Get Bored?

Just as important of a question is how fast do you get bored by familiar surroundings. I know many full time RV families that are content to spend months if not an entire year in the same relative area, while some families, like mine, can only be satisfied by being mostly nomadic, never staying in one place for more than a few weeks.

Are You Limited By Your Job?

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In practical terms, you should consider how difficult it is to move based on your job. For some people, their chosen career might mean that their family can only move every year, and even for certain kinds of remote workers, those who only need their computers and some decent wifi, they might prefer to be rooted for weeks at a time. No matter what you do for work, this needs to be taken into careful consideration, based on how stressful the process of moving around is for you.

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

Simply put, the larger the RV, the more work it’s going to be to move. Add on top of that the additional stress, the increased costs to drive it, and it’ll be no surprise that the most adventurous people often own the smaller varieties of RVs and trailers. Check out our RV buying guide here.

Are You Prepared for Unexpected Surprises?

Unexpected surprises go hand in hand with RV living, but there’s bound to be an uptick in them, the more you expect to travel this way. Me and my family, being of a faster pace than most, have had innumerous surprises over the years, and while some were small, some were pleasant, and some were down right wonderful, we’ve also had our fair share of complications, from flat tires, to travel delays, to bad cell service for work. There are a lot of things that can blindside you when moving around a lot, and it’s important to be mentally prepared for these things to happen.

How Low Do Your Costs Need To Be?

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As mentioned earlier, moving your RV around will be expensive, and while this mobility won’t add a tremendous load to your expenses, it will most certainly go up the more you plan on traveling. 2022 in particular has been a very expensive year for driving (thanks to gas prices), and the price of driving will most certainly affect your driving habits. Check out our other blog on affordable RV living to learn more.

Finding out how you want to RV can be a little overwhelming, but as long as you listen to yourself and you’re in tune to the needs of your family, you should find this completely do-able. Additionally, if you want to know more about campgrounds, check out our post on tips for choosing campgrounds.

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