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How Will We All Fit In An RV?

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Finding out how to fit your entire family within an RV can be pretty tricky, but it’s not impossible. Take it from me, as the oldest child in a family of seven, one which did indeed reside in a thirty foot RV for several years. 

Transforming Beds

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One of the biggest things that will make your RV space efficient is the use of packable/foldable beds. This will allow you to sleep a surprising amount of people at night, while still keeping your RV spacious during the day. 

Be Aware of Others

Moving through an RV is a constant negotiation with other people. You’ll only succeed in this lifestyle if you’re all on the same team. This means moving out of the way when someone is trying to get by, minding other’s space, taking turns in the bathroom, and just generally being courteous with the other member of your family.

Get Rid of Clothes

When living in a house, most people will gradually acquire impressive wardrobes which, because of an abundance of space, they never need to reduce. However in an RV, the situation is quite different. With an RV, your family members will more than likely only get a few drawers and hangers in which to store their clothes, and that goes double for all your shoes and accessories as well. Pick your favorites, and stay with those, otherwise you’ll find your RV being inundated with belongings 

Consider Adding a Tent

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If you still find your family to be limited in sleeping arrangements, consider placing a tent in your campsite to sleep in. While this can be more uncomfortable than sleeping in a normal bed, this can be mostly offset with a spacious tent, a good floor mat, and a comfy sleeping bag.

Have Little Kids Share Beds

Or, alternatively, you can have your smallest children share a bed. I remember this being the standard back when me and my siblings were of a much smaller stature, and while this will get harder with time as your children grow, it can be a very easy solution now, especially if your little ones can get along with being in the same bed.

Minimize Spare Quantity 

Beyond reducing your clothes and accessories, it’s best to get rid of any extras of things you may have. This can include things like extra pans, extra sporting equipment, extra tools, and so on.

Consider a Storage Unit

And of course, it has to be said that a storage unit will help make this transition to an RV all the more easy. A storage unit can help you easily keep anything you don’t foresee using in the immediate future.

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