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About Us

Welcome! We’re So Glad You Found Our Site!

We’re the Robledo Family and you may know us from our original blog, Nomads With A Purpose. Nomads With a Purpose is our adventure travel blog founded by mother-daughter duo, Robyn and Gabi, after our family moved into RV and became nomadic in 2015. You can read our full RV living story by clicking here.

To make a long story short, back in 2015 we saw life flying by too quickly so we decided to make a big adventure for our kids to remember their childhood by. At first, it was supposed to only be 3 months…PLOT TWIST! It turned into 7 years and counting of RV living and roaming.

About RV Living with Kids, Meet The Robledo Family
6 years nomadic as an RV family

Why A Whole New Site?

We started Nomads With A Purpose in 2016 but though we were an RV family, our blog quickly became more centered around our true passions of road tripping and adventure travel, leaving our RV expertise fairly untouched upon.

Years passed and the blog evolved to become the centerpiece of a large tree of brands that help you own your power, dream big, and live a fulfilling life.

We started RV Living For Kids to share all of our expert tips what it takes to happily live in an RV with kids for more than 7 years now.

Daniel Robledo, Owner of RV Living With Kids

Meet Daniel Robledo

Daniel, the featured author of this website, grew up living in an RV and traveling the world with his family since he was 15 years old. He is an accidental expert on all things RV living with kids due to his very upbringing.

Our Mission

Living in an RV with kids (and 5 kids for that matter) in a way that is sustainable long-term and makes everyone happy certainly hasn’t been easy.

  • We went from homeschooling to roadschooling to unschooling.
  • We’ve raised toddlers and teens on the road and transitioned them into happy, successful adults who are now on their own, independent RV living journeys.
  • We’ve done stationary RVing and a whole lot of fast-paced RV travel.

We have SO MUCH experience we thought it was crime to not have all that information shared somewhere.

When done right, RV living with kids is an opportunity to build the relationships we want with our children, one destination at a time! Our mission is to help you achieve that!

RV Living With Kids is an ultimate resource for 7+ years of RV living experience plus more information from other RVers that we interview.

There’s truly no better place to gather the information you want to know when it comes to RVing with a family. And if we are missing an answer to your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help!

Living in an RV for 5 years

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