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RV Living With Kids

Building the relationship we want with our children, one destination at a time!

Why We Chose RV Living With Kids

We moved into our RV with our 5 kids way back in 2015 because we were worried that time would fly by too fast and that we’d miss out on the opportunity to really get to know our kids and enjoy their childhood. It accomplished that and so much more.

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Find Like Minded Families

Dreaming of freedom, wide open spaces, and creating amazing memories with your kids? You aren’t alone. We’ve created a collection of interviews with other rad RV families who are “defying the norm” and living their nomadic dreams too. Read now to discover new, like minded families on social media and to maybe even meetup with in person.

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Roadschooling Curriculum for K-12

Wondering how the heck you’re going to homeschool while rv living with kids? Don’t worry! There are a myriad of ways to educate your kids on the road but if you’re looking for a set curriculum, this is our top recommendation. We love that after grade 3, this Ron Paul curriculum is 98% self-taught, you don’t need to buy any textbooks, and it doesn’t promote common core.

RV Must-Have’s

Space is a high value commodity when RV living. These are the top things that are worth you space and make your life easier on your RV journey .

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